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200 HR Teacher Training

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announcing your new, immersive, 200 hour teacher training experience


$3000 if deposit is paid by June 1st

$3200 if deposit is paid by June 15th

$3400 (must be paid in full) by July 5th

Introducing an intensive program that will not only help you better understand the philosophy and history of yoga, but how to live a yogic life in all parts of your world.

An immersion not only into the physical practice, the anatomy and energetic experience of the postures, but a deep dive into understanding the workings of your mind, tools and techniques to help you practice slowing down the chitter chatter of your thoughts.

Study not only of ancient and sacred texts, mythology and spiritual aspects of the yogic landscape, but also how these words and stories relate to the world as you experience it, your relationships, your struggles, your daily routine.

Join us for a total immersion into a deeper understanding of this world in our 200 Hour Summer Yoga + Teacher Training.

This training is perfect if you want to:

  • Learn how to lead a yoga class with grace and strength

  • Discover your authentic voice

  • Gain confidence standing in front of and speaking to a group

  • Develop compassion and understanding of others

  • Explore your own motivations, psychology, and deep-seeded beliefs

  • Expand your knowledge of the spiritual world

  • Dive into the 8-limbed yoga path

We're accepting applications for our Summer Intensive Program now, so if you're excited to learn more, write back here and we'll send you one!

As you plan out your summer, consider fueling your passion with Lead teachers Jillian Schiavi + Kate Sullivan in Jewel City's Teacher Training.

July 8 - 26
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 7pm

August + September
Practice teaching, observing, and assisting in the studio per your schedule

September 13 - 15
Final Assessment Weekend + Graduation Ceremony


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are you ready to make an impact?

We know you’re busy. You’re juggling eight million things and keeping it all together, while still looking for deeper ways to impact the world. You feel both inspired and daunted by the opportunities that exist to make a difference, and you’re ready to find an avenue to channel this motivation through.

Through a social justice lens, and being conscious of how to bring the philosophy of yoga off the mat and into the evolving and challenging landscape of today’s environment, Jewel City Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training includes everything from anatomy to meditation, sequencing to Sanskrit, and especially finding your voice. You’ll leave feeling personally fulfilled and confident leading a thoughtful yoga class.

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why jewel city

There are a lot of yoga studios out there, and if you’ve been to class at Jewel City Yoga on Franklin Ave and Smith St, you know that there’s a certain something that sets us apart. Our friendly and compassionate teachers, vibrant and diverse community, the feeling of openness and inclusion that hits you right as you walk into the studio - that’s the vibe you can also expect from your 200 hour training with us.


meet your team

Lead by ERYT 200 and Jewel City Yoga Director, Jillian Schiavi, your TT team includes some of the most dynamic and diverse yoga teachers across Brooklyn. With their own individual strengths, talents, and areas of specialty, you’ll have a go-to teacher for each Module, and a variety of perspectives to try on. Together, the team exudes compassion, creativity, and a cohesive approach to holding the space for our future teachers. Click below to find their public classes, and be sure to say hello!

Jillian Schiavi

Kate Sullivan

Tonie Warner

Tam Kamya

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We meet every other weekend, starting on January 19th, for an in-depth (yet spacious) exploration of everything from the Yoga Sutras and philosophy to anatomy, posture-breakdown, and a whole heckuva lot of practice teaching. Mark the dates to the right on your calendar, and get ready to cozy on up in the studio with us Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Ready to jump in and start learning?

Email us at or fill out the form below for an application.
All applicants will be notified whether they’ve been accepted within a week of submitting.

$500 deposit required to secure your spot
$2800 Early Bird Pricing ends on December 1st
$3300 Regular Pricing through January 5th