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Vino & VInyasa

Weekend plans alert! Come join us every second Saturday of the month for an invigorating vinyasa flow followed by drinks, connection, community, new friends and fun across the street at St. Ends bar. What more could you want out of your weekend plans?!


Intro to Yoga

Have you been curious about yoga but hesitating to try it, or do you have a friend who refuses to come to class with you because they are "just not flexible"? Have you been practicing for a while and are getting more curious about the underlying principles of why you just feel so good after class?
Whether you are completely new to yoga, or are a seasoned practitioner looking to brush up on your alignment knowledge or breath work practice, come back to school with us!

This 4-part series of classes is designed to break down all the main elements of how we practice yoga on the mat, and how that experience can help us shape and revitalize our lives outside of the studio. Setting the groundwork for the main poses, explaining the terminology and mechanics of transitions, and offering a clear and targeted explanation of breathing and energy principles, this workshop series aims to prepare you for a successful, continuous, healthy and life-giving practice of yoga, for years to come!