Jewel City Yoga

Class Descriptions


New to Vinyasa yoga? In this class, we take it down to the fundamentals with classic standing sequences, key alignment, and the basics of breathwork. All yogis are welcome.  

early risers morning flow

There is something to be said about sun salutations that actually rise with the sun. This morning practice is gentle on the waking body yet invigorating and prepares you for the day. Appropriate for all levels.

open & align

An alignment-based vinyasa sequence that incorporates biomechanics and somatic movement intended to find the balance between effort and ease within safe alignment. Excellent for both the beginner and experienced yogi.

Open Flow

This class is approachable to both beginners and those with some yoga experience. Vinyasa-style sequencing will build off of fundamentals and provide you with the opportunity to explore the edge of your developing practice.

Jewel Flow

This playful and harmonious vinyasa flow will focus on the third chakra located at your core. We will create heat in the body with strength building poses and with introductions to arm balances, inversions and advanced backbends.

Intermediate Flow

Recommended for yogis with 1+ years of experience. Challenge yourself by learning new, complex postures in a safe setting. This intermediate class will have a more involved theme and sequence structure; integrating different facets of yoga philosophy with subtle body and breath techniques.

Intermediate/Advanced Practice

Deepen your breath, grow your practice and go with the flow. This mindful and strong yoga practice invites you to go deeper while using the breath to strengthen yet move with ease. Complex arm balances and inversions will be paired with a creative, invigorating sequencing. Strengthen your core, get your heart rate going, tone muscles of the body and find fluidity with the breath.

Candlelit slow-flow

Relax, unwind and settle in to this  slow vinyasa flow to the flickering lights of candles to set the mood.


This yoga practice is classic hatha, friendly for those with wrist or shoulder issues. There are no sun salutations in this practice, just a strong steady transitions from posture to posture with a focus on strength, openness, stillness, awareness and breath.

Ashtanga-Vinyasa Blend

Curious about Ashtanga yoga? This class combines elements of the Ashtanga primary series into Vinyasa flow. Emphasis is placed on using the breath, the drishti (gazing point), and both the outward and internal posture of the body to liberate the mind. This class will be rigorous! At least one year of consistent asana practice recommended.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga focuses on sustaining body opening postures and deepening into stretches in a supported way. Stretching not just specific muscle groups, but helping you create a greater awareness of your entire being. Slow down, nourish your body and journey more deeply within yourself.

Flow & YIN

This is a challenging practice that will leave you stronger and more flexible – on the outside AND the inside. We serve up 55 minutes of sweaty vinyasa flow, followed by 20 minutes of delicious yin (deep, intense stretching). Sequences are thoughtful and inventive, with an emphasis on alignment and breathwork. Intermediate level.

Friday night flow

Friday Night Flow is a delicious blend of vinyasa practice, deep stretching and floor work - the perfect way to end the week and start the weekend. Classes encourage self-expression and exploration through asana, mindfulness, and music. Expect to feel blissful after class and ready to take on the weekend at whatever speed you need.

Prenatal Vinyasa

Dynamic movement, therapeutic applications, and evidence-based childbirth education are woven throughout as practical tools to help you connect both to the intuitive wisdom of your own body, as well as the wonderful growth happening for you and your baby (or babies!). Bring awareness to your mind, body, spirit, and baby in a beautiful, community-oriented environment.

Flow & Restore

Move and chill out after your active day! This class flows to get your body moving AND offers restorative postures to bring you into deep relaxation.


This class is structured to soften the muscles in the body and make space for inner wisdom. Beginning with gentle movements to open and warm the body, the practice builds momentum for a series of 5-7 prolonged postures supported with props and ends in a nurturing supported savasana with the option of Yoga Nidra.

community class

This class provides an opportunity for yogis to develop their practice with more financial freedom and for Jewel City Yoga to support our greater community. This class is approachable to both beginners and those with some yoga experience. Vinyasa-style sequencing will build off of fundamentals and provide you with the opportunity to explore the edge of your developing practice. This class is $10. 

Community meditation 

Community Meditation offers various contemplative and mind training techniques to encourage a more mindful existence. No experience is necessary. Feel free to be guided by our instructor or use this time as an opportunity to find serenity with your own personal meditation practice. This class is free.