Jewel City Yoga

Class Descriptions

Candlelit slow-flow

Relax, unwind and settle in to this  slow vinyasa flow to the flickering lights of candles to set the mood.

early risers morning flow

There is something to be said about Sun Salutations that actually rise with the Sun. This morning practice is gentle on the waking body yet invigorating and prepares for the day. Appropriate for all levels. 

Flow & YIN

Move and chill out after your active day! This class flows to get your body moving AND offers restorative postures to bring you into deep relaxation.

Flow I-II

Recommended for practicing yogis of 1+ year. Challenge yourself  learning new intermediate postures in a safe setting. The intermediate class has a more complex theme and sequence structure; integrating the facets of yoga philosophy, high level asana subtle body and breath techniques. 


New to Vinyasa Flow? In this class, we take it down to the basics. All yogis are welcome. 

Jewel Flow

This vinyasa flow will focus on your jewel or your core. We will bring the heat with strength building poses leading in to arm balances, inversions and backbending. 

hATHA Yoga

This yoga practice is a gentle hatha flow, friendly for those with wrist or shoulder issues. There are no sun salutations or vinyasas in this practice, just a strong steady flow from posture to posture with focus on strength, openness, stillness, awareness and breath.

open & align

An alignment-based vinyasa flow that incorporates biomechanics and somatic movement intended to find the balance between effort and ease.



led pRIMARY series

The Ashtanga primary series is a challenging and invigorating sequence of postures. The postures are strengthening, toning and cleansing for the muscles, joints and internal organs. During the primary led classes, the students are guided in unison through the postures of the sequence and provided with variations of poses that prove challenging. The class includes postures, breathing, pranayama and chanting.

Classical Power Flow

Cultivate clarity and build inner fire as you move through a physically rigorous practice derived from the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. Students will detoxify the body and quiet the mind through traditional poses linked together with vinyasa in a specific and deliciously balanced sequence.  Open to all levels!


Get ready to cultivate some heat!

Deepen your breath, grow your practice and go with the flow.  A mindful and strong yoga practice that invites you to go deeper and use the breath to strengthen and move with ease. Strengthen your core, get your heart rate going, tone muscles of the body and find fluidity with the breath.


Yin Yoga

Yin class includes less down dog and rigorous vinyasa flow, and more centered, gentle, held postures cultivating a greater awareness of your entire being. Slow down, nourish your body and journey more deeply within yourself.