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Seva Study Program

Seva study Program

Thank you for your interest in the Jewel City Seva Study. This program is intended for those interested in deepening their study and practice of yoga and mindfulness. While in the program, you receive unlimited Jewel City Yoga classes and a 15% discount on all workshops, retreats, and retail, and a 10% discount on our 200-hour Teacher Training. You will also have the optional ability to meet with the Studio Director and Manager to discuss your practice and career goals related to yoga and mindfulness. To be eligible for the Jewel City Seva Study program you must: have attended Jewel City classes, commit to volunteering for at least three months, posses exceptional interpersonal skills, exhibit a responsible and professional nature, have excellent interpersonal skills and love interacting with people on a daily basis, radiate positivity, be solution focused, and have a genuine desire to learn about and practice yoga more than once a week. 

If you meet the criteria, please complete the information below and we will email you an application.  

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